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DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving

We all know that the time to enjoy decorating for Halloween is limited, and Thanksgiving decorations start popping up immediately after Halloween. So if you want to save yourself some cash and time, you can transform your apartment decorations after Halloween and use them for Thanksgiving decor too. Fall 2021 is all about recycle, repurpose, and frugality.…

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Health and Fitness at Las Casitas

Eating and working out at home can actually be a great opportunity. From customizing your meals to not having to commute to the gym, we’ve compiled some tips for staying healthy while staying home.  How to Eat Healthy at Home  Often time, cooking for yourself is healthier than eating out. This is because you can…

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Ice Cream Summer

Got a sweet tooth? We all do, and during summer, only one thing appropriately satisfies the craving – ice cream, a sweet delight that's mere existence definitively presents a flavorful double entendre.    What’s Your Type? Before getting to flavor, we must first discuss the different types of ice cream. The beloved treat has changed…

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