DIY Halloween Decorations That Transition Into Thanksgiving

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We all know that the time to enjoy decorating for Halloween is limited, and Thanksgiving decorations start popping up immediately after Halloween. So if you want to save yourself some cash and time, you can transform your apartment decorations after Halloween and use them for Thanksgiving decor too. Fall 2021 is all about recycle, repurpose, and frugality.

Why DIY?

Nowadays, it's not just about saving money. With so much to worry about in the world, you need your energy focused on solutions that will make a difference for future generations. We can do this by getting creative with upcycling projects or recycling old items into something new again.

Get Inspired By These Decor Ideas

Take orange paper lanterns and white string lights, and you can turn them into turkey candles for Thanksgiving. Just tape googly eyes onto the balloons and use the black marker to draw beaks and wattle.

Turn your pumpkin carving projects into Thanksgiving turkey crafts. Just add a googly eye and some string in place of the traditional stem, and you have a fun centerpiece for your table.

Build scarecrows for Halloween and Pilgrim hats for Thanksgiving. All you need are branches shaped like people or turkey heads, brown bags, some sticks or twigs for the arms, glue guns (to attach the clothing), and maybe some old clothes or fabric from your closet.

Transform a pumpkin into a vase for flowers. Just carve the top off and place a bunch of more miniature pumpkins inside, arranging them in a display that works with the trending decor planned for the table. Pumpkin carving is excellent if you have kids who love the holiday but don't want to be spooked.

Crafty Apartment Living

Get the family ready for arts and crafts, and head over to High Desert Gateway with your fall decor shopping list. The purpose of this interior decor extravaganza is to get the creatives and dreamers in the family to let loose. Look into their eyes as they shop and build and cut and paste. The joy will shine through as they decorate the apartment to give thanks.

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