Prepping For Fall 2021 Apartment Decor at Las Casitas

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With highs of 76°F and lows of 57 °F, average fall temperatures in Hesperia means fall in an untraditional fall sense. Hesperia is quickly becoming the place to live, work and play and what better place to call home than Las Casitas. The meticulously designed interiors focus on the needs and wants of the residents and are everything you need for your apartment living lifestyle. You may be tempted to give trending decor styles for fall 2021 a try.

Our Favorite Fall '21 Trends

  • Fuller shapes for everything from furniture to vases and lamps.
  • Minimalism from furniture and decor to the natural hues of warm and cool beige.
  • Rugs made from wool with geometric boho designs.
  • Wall decor featuring desert landscapes and mirrors with asymmetrical lines.
  • Wooden furniture and accents in not-so-clean lines. This ties in with the fuller shapes.
  • Woven fibers and textures for throws, cushions, and baskets.

How to Adapt These Trends For Your Apartment

To capture the unique and beautiful space of your apartment this fall, be inspired to include some fall decor trends to bring out the natural quartz and stone finishes and the panoramic views that will make you an influencer in your gated community. Incorporate the natural shade of beige in your rugs, vases and basketware. Then, move to fuller shapes for furniture pieces and accessories. Combined with the clean lines of the apartment the look will be more balanced and interesting.

Wool rugs, wall decor and woven fibers and textures provide a good fall feature in your desert apartment. The thing is to use these along with the wooden furniture and accents in as minimalistic a way as possible.

Living It Up in Your Apartment in Fall

If all this decorating and rearranging has made you a homebody, head out to the High Desert Farmer's Market — the only state-certified farmers' market in the high desert; Or get in a round of golf on the greens of the Hesperia Golf & Country Club. Las Casitas lets you experience apartment living at its finest in a convenient location.

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