Health and Fitness at Las Casitas

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Eating and working out at home can actually be a great opportunity. From customizing your meals to not having to commute to the gym, we’ve compiled some tips for staying healthy while staying home. 

How to Eat Healthy at Home 
Often time, cooking for yourself is healthier than eating out. This is because you can choose to limit fats, such as oils, cheese, and dips, and increase your use of fruits and veggies. According to, you should make sure half your plate is veggies. They recommend veggies rich in color, such as bell peppers, sweet potatoes, broccoli, or leafy greens. You also may include whole grains, instead of processed grains, and lean meats, such as pork, chicken, tofu, eggs, and beans. Look up recipes using your favorite ingredients, or get creative and make up your own. Some easy dishes that can be easily customized include casseroles, pastas, salads, smoothies, and sandwiches. If you are craving something sweet, opt for fruit instead of high in calories and added sugar, such as cake or milkshakes. The healthier you eat, the healthier you will feel.

At-Home Workouts 
In addition to eating healthy, keeping your body moving can also improve your mood and energy levels. With gym closures that have occurred from COVID19, it’s a great idea to get an at-home workout routine in place. You can even hire an online fitness coach, offered by, or you can read some of their individual workout plans and try them by yourself. This can an include aof combination of squats, push ups, pull ups, and of course stretching and warm ups in order to avoid injuries. If you need to get some fresh air outside, consider taking a walk through Mojave Narrows Regional Park and enjoy the scenery.

Improve Your Mental Health
Eating healthy and working out can improve your mental health, but sometimes you may need more than that. The University of Michigan Health offers five ways to improve your mental health. They recommend taking a break from the news when needed, moving your body, connecting with friends and family, creating a schedule for your daily routine, and journaling. All of these activities can positively impact your mental health.    We encourage a healthy individual lifestyle, both mentally and physically, in order to create a thriving community. Once we are able to live our free lives again, we will be stronger than ever! 

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