Ice Cream Summer

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Got a sweet tooth? We all do, and during summer, only one thing appropriately satisfies the craving – ice cream, a sweet delight that's mere existence definitively presents a flavorful double entendre. 


What’s Your Type?

Before getting to flavor, we must first discuss the different types of ice cream. The beloved treat has changed its shape and gained a few new names over the years. There’s sorbet, a fruit-based type of ice cream, and Mochi whose innovative presentation allows you to ditch the spoon and dig in. Aside from those, there is also Gelato, the creamy Italian dessert, and the more hipster-friendly of them all, Froyo (Frozen Yogurt). 


Top Chef: Ice Cream 

No matter the flavor or texture, ice cream is not only made by professional hands. You can make your own sweetness by just following a few simple steps known as The 2 Ingredient Method; a really simple DIY guide with minimal mess and clean up.  Just a few cups of heavy cream and a can of condensed milk will put you in the running to be the next top ice cream chef! 


There’s Ice Cream In Your Backyard

However, we know cooking is not everyone's area of expertise so for those who opt for carryout only, here are a few options located near you. Select from mouth-watering authentic Mexican flavors like Mango Chilli, Strawberry Con Leche, and more at La Michoacana.
The self-proclaimed “Best Ice Cream Parlor in Victorville, CA” has multiple locations throughout the city ready to serve you. If you’re near Las Casitas Apartments, be sure to swing by for a tasty delight. 



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